Plage d’Amanté was created in 2018 under the name Amanté Beach. It’s the concept of Sofie Dekindt and Bruce Hillewaert. In 2018, two locations opened up: Relax & Sports.

In 2019, Sofie & Bruce opened a third location: Amanté Kids. In 2020 the name changed from Amante Beach to Plage d’Amanté.

Now in 2022 a new adventure started with the birth of Plaza d'Amante!
Sofie and Bruce started out as noble strangers in De Haan. In the meantime, they have built up a good base of regular clientele. The clients come for quality and service with a smile which is offered every day. At Plage d’Amanté & Plaza d’Amanté everyone gets a holiday feeling immediately. It is a place where luxury is self-evident and where everyone can fully enjoy themselves in their own way. Sit back and relax, thats all you need to do!

Plaza D'Amante

Lifestyle Boutique and Foodbar

Plage D'Amante

Relax, Sports and Kids

Reserve beach bed

Reserve beach cabin

Handbags, jewelery, decoration and more...